Soul Food You Have to Eat When Visiting New Orleans

Cajun and Creole flavors usually get top billing, but New Orleans soul food is in a class of its own. These are the kind of rib-sticking, lip-smacking flavors that many of the city’s natives serve up with pride.

Follow us down to Louisiana for the unforgettable tastes of this enduring style of authentic down-home cooking.

Soul food is a form of country cooking that celebrates African-American culture.

What Is Soul Food?

New Orleans is truly a food lover’s paradise with its incredible array of unique local flavors. You’ll find many spicy seafood dishes with rich and complex sauces.

Is New Orleans Known for Soul Food?

M & J Soul Food Restaurtant Looking at reviews of this West Lake eatery, you’ll see the word “homey” a lot. And that’s a good trick to pull off when located in a shopping strip in New Orleans East.

Best Places for Soul Food in New Orleans

Besides traditional New Orleans dishes like red beans and rice, you can enjoy Southern favorites like fried chicken with mac and cheese or hamburger steak served with mashed potatoes.

What to Order:

Sweet Soulfood has a modern take that will appeal to those who crave a flavorful plant-based diet. Some of their vegan offerings truly seem magical.

Sweet Soulfood

They also have barbecued cauliflower and a “sweet heat” version enhanced by chili peppers. The eggplant lasagna never disappoints.

What to Order:

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