New RV Fear Unlocked: Slideouts Moving on Their Own

Modern RVs have some fancy features allowing for optimal levels of comfort. Extra features are only ideal when they work. When they don’t work, it can be a painfully frustrating experience.

One full-time RVer recently had a terrifying experience with her slideouts that unlocked a new type of fear in the RV community. Should you be RVing in fear? Let’s look and see!

RV slideouts are a design element manufacturers use to increase the usable space in an RV.

What Are RV Slideouts?

In December 2022, Kayla woke from a nap when she heard her kitchen slide closing.

Can RV Slideouts Move on Their Own?

It was chaotic as items fell to the ground, creating a mess but Kayla quickly grabbed the remote from a nearby drawer to stop the slides.

This could pose severe risks to their RV and others on the road. The slide motors and mechanisms are powerful and will crush anything in their path.

What Are the Dangers of Slideouts Moving Randomly?

While Kayla and many other group members have been unable to pinpoint the cause, several popular theories exist within the group.

Possible Causes for Slideouts Moving on Their Own

It’s no secret that mice and other critters love to get into RVs. Since the incident occurred in December, many commenters suspect that mice have infiltrated Kayla and Dustin’s RV and have accessed the wiring.


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