Leave Your Mark At Sign Post Forest

Although it's not the same kind of awestruck experience as other famous forests, it’s still a stop worth making as you drive along the Alaska Highway.

You won’t be captivated by natural beauty, but you will smile as you walk around and view the 10,000+ signs travelers have hung for over 80 years!

Sign Post Forest isn’t a forest at all. Instead, it’s a collection of signs at Watson Lake along the Alaska Highway. There are over 10,000 signs spread across a couple of acres, and the signs keep multiplying yearly.

What Is Sign Post Forest?

Right after you cross the border from British Columbia into the Yukon on the Alaska Highway, you’ll find the Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake.

Where Is Sign Post Forest?

Built during World War II to connect the Lower 48 to Alaska, the Alaska Highway begins in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and ends at Delta Junction, Alaska.

What Is the Alaska Highway?

Carl K. Lindley was ordered to repair the signpost at Mile 635. Instead of simply putting back up the original signpost, he decided to add another sign, a personal sign pointing towards his hometown of Danville, Illinois. 

How Did Sign Post Forest Begin?

If you can write on it and screw it to a post, it’s at the Sign Post Forest. You won’t find just street signs or wooden signs.

What Types Of Signs Are At Sign Post Forest?

You must come prepared if you’re planning a trip through the Yukon into Alaska. Otherwise, you’ll be looking for anything to write your hometown on and figuring out how to get it screwed into one of the signposts.

How To Leave Your Mark At Sign Post Forest

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