Our Favorite Shows About Survival

While we’re always up for an adventure, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the pros and watch shows about survival instead.

These entertainment programs can be an excellent way to hone your skills and learn new methods. Whether you are a survival enthusiast or just looking for thrilling entertainment.

Survival shows are television programming that focuses on individuals or groups trying to survive in challenging and often extreme environments. 

What Are Survival Shows?

Two of the most popular channels include Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and the History Channel. 

Where Can You Watch Shows About Survival?

Man vs. Wild A product of Discovery Channel and features survival expert Bear Grylls. Each episode features him getting dropped off in a desert, jungle, or mountain range with minimal supplies and equipment.

Our Favorite Shows About Survival

A survival competition with a unique twist. Instead of forcing contestants to work together throughout the competition, the contestants on “Alone” have to fend for themselves.


Places participants in remote wilderness locations with limited tools and equipment. However, this show separates itself from the rest because the man and woman participating are entirely naked.

Naked and Afraid

The show divides contestants into tribes on a remote island or wilderness location, and they compete in physical and mental challenges during the contest.


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