What Is a Shower Toilet Combo in an RV?

It’s a bathroom where the shower and toilet are together in the same space without any separation. It’s also known as a wet bath.

This means everything gets wet when taking a shower. Usually, these spaces are much smaller than standard RV bathrooms.

Vintage RVs, small campers, and Class Bs will usually have a shower toilet combo to maximize space. Occasionally there will be a sink, cabinet, towel rack, mirror, or other features.

When it’s time to shower, close the bathroom door and make sure it locks in place so that all of the water stays inside the wet bath.

How Does a Shower Toilet Combo Work?


Yes, a wet bath gets everything from wall to wall and floor to ceiling wet. Although a strange idea in America, many European hotels actually have wet baths.

Do Wet Baths Get Everything Wet?


The space-saving nature of a shower toilet combo is the number one advantage. Going away for a weekend in a Class B camper van makes it convenient.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Wet Room?


Another hassle is constantly having to dry it. If you don’t reduce moisture in your RV, it can lead to problems like mold and mildew. You have to wipe the wet bath dry after using it.



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