Can You Dump Your RV Waste in a Septic Tank?

If you’re fully using your camper, you’ll eventually need to empty your waste tanks. But can you dump your RV waste in a septic tank?

Dumping at a campground’s dump station can mean sitting in a long line. Additionally, it can feel stressful to empty your tanks with an audience.

Septic tanks are massive containers that treat and store wastewater from homes or businesses not connected to a sewer system. 

What Is a Septic Tank?

Septic tanks use a natural process for separation, treatment, and discharge. During the first process, separation, the waste gets sorted into solids, scum, and liquid.

How Do Septic Tanks Work?

Can You Legally Dump Your RV Tanks in Your Septic Tank?

Just because you have a tank on your property doesn’t mean you can legally dump in it.

Find Cleanout Pipe These are usually PVC pipes that stick several inches out of the ground. You’ll connect your RV to dump your tanks from this point. 

How to Dump Your RV Tanks in a Septic Tank

Use Attachments to Connect RV to Septic Tank First, connect a clear elbow attachment to your sewer hose and then connect it to the cleanout pipe.

Always Dump the Black Tank First Once you’re sure everything is good to go, you can fully open your black tank. Take your time and drain the tank completely.

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