What That RVIA Certification Sticker on Your RV Means

While you’re probably more concerned with the number of slides, sleeping capacity, and overall RV length, there’s one important feature you shouldn’t overlook.

Just like a kid gets a sticker after visiting the doctor, RVs need to get an RVIA certification sticker before rolling off the assembly line.

Many people easily overlook this sticker while shopping for an RV. So what does the RVIA certification sticker on your mean? Let’s see what all the fuss is about!

About the RV Industry Association (RVIA) 

An association that represents 450 RV manufacturers and numerous aftermarket suppliers.

What Is an RVIA Certification?

It's a stamp of approval on an RV and its construction. RVs certified by the RVIA wear a shiny black-and-gold sticker near the entrance of the RV.

The certification ensures that members maintain specific standards when constructing their RVs. 

What Does the RVIA Certification Mean?

The RVIA certification means the RV was built and lives up to the National Fire Protection Association safety standards, and the structure qualifies as an RV.

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