RVers Share The Best Advice They’ve Ever Received

You’re not doing yourself any favors or making friends if you have a “know-it-all” attitude. You never know when someone will teach you something you didn’t know, or that’ll make your life easier.  

We recently stumbled across an online discussion where an RVer asked for the best advice others had received. There were a few consistent themes and repeated words of wisdom.

The comments were generally civilized and provided solid advice for anyone currently on the road or hoping to in the future.

RVer Asks Facebook for Their Best Advice on Full-Time RV Living

It’s Not Cheap Reservations at campgrounds and RV parks can add up quickly. If you don’t like staying in one place long, expect to use a lot of fuel.

What Advice Did RVers Give Her?

Instead of selling your house, consider becoming a landlord and turning it into a rental while on the road.

Don’t Sell Your House

keeping your black tank closed helps maintain the solid-to-liquid ratio in your tank. Solid waste and toilet paper need the assistance of liquids in your tank to help with dumping. 

Keep Your Black Tank Closed

Confidence can cause you to take safety inspections and other important steps seriously, resulting in costly and even deadly mistakes.

Never Get Confident When Towing

Whether you hold a yard sale or put them in storage, you won’t have room for them in an RV. Many end up surprising themselves with how little they need to enjoy the lifestyle.

You Need Less Than You Think

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