DNA Test Refusal Leads to RVer Evicted From Campground

Pet owners sometimes must go out of their way to speak up for their pets.

However, one RVer recently found himself in a difficult position when a campground made an unusual request.

So what was the request, and what was the result of the RVer’s refusal? Let’s dive in and see!

This type of program isn’t anything new. It’s often used in apartment complexes and other communities with many pet owners.

Campground Requires Residents to Provide DNA Testing For Their Dogs

They typically challenge the authority requesting DNA testing and refuse to test their pets.

RVer Gets Evicted for Refusing the Dog DNA Testing

That’s exactly what this RVer did and why he received an eviction notice from the property owner.

When the RVer received the eviction notice, he did what far too many people do and turned to Facebook for advice.

Evicted RVer Turns to Facebook for Advice

As you might expect, there were plenty of opinions on the situation and how the RVer should respond.

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