The Best RVs With a Loft in 2023

An RV loft is exactly what it sounds like; a lofted space inside an RV. Most people use lofted spaces for sleeping or storage spaces.

Having an RV with a loft can increase the sleeping space in your rig. They’re great for adventurous families who want to spend time together in the great outdoors.

There are plenty of RVs with a loft, but you don’t want just any RV; you want the best. We’ll share several of the best RVs with a loft you can find in 2023.

The loft sits above the RV bathroom and has safety rails allowing you to see the main living area. While it may not offer much privacy, it can be a fun space for kids to play.

Forest River Sabre 37FLL

You’ll feel like you’re in a farmhouse setting from a magazine. The 37DB RV features a set of double bunks and a rear loft above the bathroom in the bunkhouse.

Heartland Bighorn Traveler 37DB

The RV loft area is a massive space above the main bedroom and bathroom. Two designated lofts can allow to store items in one section and the other as a sleeping area.

Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40DLFT

While putting this unit on the Sprinter chassis severely limits its cargo-carrying capacity, the Tiffin name is one you can trust for a high-quality and well-built motorhome.

Tiffin Wayfarer 25 LW

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