RV Unplugged Is the Reality Show You’ve Always Wanted

Are you looking to add a new show to your weekly rotation? If so, “RV Unplugged” could be the answer. It can scratch the itch for your desire to travel and help you unwind after a long day.

There’s something magical about unscripted scenarios and the joys of traveling. Whether on the road full-time or camping a few weekends a year, you may love this show.

“RV Unplugged” is the first game show highlighting RVing and the individuals enjoying the lifestyle.

What Is RV Unplugged?

If you want to tune in,  you can view the entire first season on the “RV Unplugged” YouTube channel.

Where Can You Watch RV Unplugged?

The cast of “RV Unplugged” comes from all walks of life and has varying RVing experiences. Let’s look at the contests and see who you’ll root for this season.

Who Is the Cast of RV Unplugged?

On their channel, they spotlight travel locations, RV how-tos, and the lessons they learn. Their channel has more than 167,000 subscribers and is an incredible source of humor and education.

Today Is Someday

Mike and Susan Scarpignato are the creators of the popular “RV Blogger” website and YouTube channel. They hit the road five years ago and now create content related to tours and reviews. 

RV Blogger

The duo shares their adventures on their YouTube channel with more than 63,000 subscribers. While they’re still relatively new to RVing, they provide a wealth of information and entertainment. 

Let’s Turn It Up World

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