Is RV Trader Legitimate?

With more than 160,000 new and pre-owned RVs and millions of site visits each month, it’s hard to find a better place to buy or sell an RV.

RV Trader has a suite of digital marketing solutions that helps sellers list and promote RVs on the market to active buyers. You can find listings from dealers and private sellers.

Whether you’re in the market for a pop-up, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or massive motorhome, you’ll find plenty of options on RV Trader.

RV Trader varies depending on whether you’re the buyer or seller. No matter which side of the transaction you’re on, RV Trader has a tremendous amount of experience.

How Does RV Trader Work?

If you’re the buyer, there’s zero cost to use RV Trader. You simply visit the website and start searching. You can select the type of RV, location, or search for a specific model.

For RV Buyers

For those users who are looking to sell an RV, the RV Trader platform is as good as it gets. Sellers must buy a listing package to post their RV for sale on the platform.

For RV Sellers

No matter what type of RV you’re looking to purchase, you can most likely find it in the massive inventory on RV Trader. There’s practically every type of driveable and towable RV.

RV Trader Inventory

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