Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving in Your RV

If you’ve ever had to plan and execute a Thanksgiving dinner, you know it can be stressful. Pulling off a successful RV Thanksgiving meal requires excellent skills and some luck.

However, being in an RV for Thanksgiving doesn’t mean settling for frozen pizzas or takeout.

Today, we’re sharing tips to help you have a successful RV Thanksgiving. Let’s put on those eating pants, grab a napkin, and dive in!

You want to ensure you have plenty of room for storing food and other items while preparing your meal. Make sure you have plenty of room for any leftovers.

Prepare Your Fridge

Focus on the essential things in the meal and eliminate the unnecessary extras. Quality is better than quantity at an RV Thanksgiving.

Keep It Small

Do yourself a huge favor and prepare any food or items ahead of time. This will help free up power and space on Thanksgiving day.

Cook Ahead of Time

Work smarter, not harder. Please don’t underestimate the value of buying desserts instead of wasting your energy and resources to make them.

Buy Desserts

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