What Is the Downside of RV Slide Outs?

An RV slide-out can make a tiny RV feel like a spacious apartment. Some fifth wheels have five or six slides that double the interior space. But are there any cons to having these moving spaces?

Actually, we have several reasons why you might want to think twice before buying an RV with multiple slide-outs. Let’s learn more.

An RV slide-out is a cut-out area along the sides of an RV that extends to create more interior space. Sometimes you have a slide in the rear of a unit.

What Is an RV Slide-Out?

Although decades ago slide-outs used to operate manually, most today have electric motors or hydraulics systems to extend or retract the room. You’ll find four main types of slide-out systems used today.

Are All RV Slide-Outs the Same?

Increased Risk for Leaks Because slide-outs are moving rooms, this means more gaps cut into the side of your RV.

Cons of Having an RV Slide Out

Because many slide-outs operate with an electric motor or hydraulic pump, should something happen to either of these mechanisms, the slide-out won’t function.

Increased Risk of Mechanical Failure

The weight of an RV isn’t always reflective of the quality. RVs with multiple slides are much heavier. This doesn’t mean they’re made with better materials.

Heavier Overall Weight

It’s not just the length that matters when pulling into a campsite. You also have to pay close attention to the width if you have RV slide-outs.

Need for Larger Campsite

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