Everything You Need to Know About RV Skirting

If hunkering down for the winter in your rig, RV skirting is a must if battling extreme cold temperatures.

You want to do everything possible to give you and your RV the best chance of staying warm. If considering your options for protecting your RV this winter, keep reading.

Today, we’re sharing everything you need to know about RV skirting and how it can help you and your RV stay nice and toasty this winter. Let’s get started.

RV skirting surrounds the bottom of an RV to serve as a wind block and protects your rig from frigid temperatures.

What Is RV Skirting? 

It keeps the extreme cold and wind from reaching the sensitive components under your RV.

Pros of RV Skirting 

RV skirting can cost a pretty penny. Depending on which RV skirting you choose, you could spend a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Cons of RV Skirting

If setting up camp for the winter, we recommend putting it on once the temperatures start hitting the 30s and 40s at night.

At What Temperature Should You Skirt Your RV?

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