5 Common RV Setup Mistakes to Avoid

RV setup mistakes are alarmingly common — but also not unexpected. You’re essentially setting up your home’s utilities every few days or weeks, with slightly different utility sources each time.

It would be easy to slip up occasionally unless you have an airtight system to help you manage it. We looked into the top issues with RV setups and some simple solutions to help you avoid them.

Regardless of your rig or campsite, there are some common RV setup mistakes you should avoid. Fortunately, none of the solutions are very difficult.

This forces you to reposition your RV, which could be simple or a significant hassle depending on your parking situation. 

Not Leaving Room for Your Slides


Don’t leave home without an RV surge protector. They’re well worth the cost in both avoided repair costs and peace of mind.

Hooking Up Without a Surge Protector


Not using a filter allows these particles and other harmful contaminants to flow directly into your faucet, shower, and fixtures.

Not Using a Water Filter


Stabilizers help stabilize your rig so it doesn’t move on its suspension while you camp.

Using Your Stabilizers to Bear Weight


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