What Are Important Safety Features to Have in Your RV?

Without a proper understanding of RV basics and a few essential safety features, these recreational vehicles could be dangerous.

But, thankfully, most of them come equipped with certain products that protect us as we enjoy this lifestyle. You can purchase a few others to make your camping experience even safer.

RVing can be dangerous. If you drive 75 miles per hour on the interstate in an RV, you’re driving recklessly.

Is RVing Dangerous?

Fire Extinguisher The majority of RVs have wood frames and interiors, so when they catch on fire, it’s quick. Be prepared with a fire extinguisher.

Important Safety Essentials for RVing

Always replace the batteries regularly and add this to your maintenance checklist. RVs burn quickly; you’ll need all the warning you can get to exit in time.

Fire Alarm

You should also have a carbon monoxide detector placed about four inches from the floor, usually near the kitchen, since this deadly gas is heavier than air. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector

This product is something you’ll have to purchase separately. It won’t come standard on an RV. These round discs work great for basement storage and sink cabinets where leaks may occur. 

Water Leak Detector

You need to have a gas stop. This product immediately shuts off the propane in case of a major leak. This won’t come standard, but it’s a vital safety product to add to your must-have list.

Gas Stop

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