Things to Know Before Using RV Rubber Roof Coating

Taking action to keep your roof in good repair will give you many more years to enjoy a dry environment inside of your favorite RV or camper. 

If you own an RV, you already know it brings out the DIY spirit. Fixing things on your RV is a regular part of ownership, and roof maintenance is no different.

You can totally tackle the job of refurbishing your rubber roof coating. All you need is a little guidance.

Your RV’s rubber roof membrane can be coated with a paintable coating that will reinforce the waterproofing of your camper.

Can a Rubber RV Roof Be Coated?

You can totally do this job yourself. You probably won’t even need a buddy to help with the work. It will all have to be done in one day to get the best result.

Can You Coat a Rubber Roof Yourself?

If you find that your RV has an EPDM rubber roof membrane, a two-part Dicor EPDM rubber roof coating is the best for the job.

What’s the Best Coating for a Rubber Roof?

Cleaning the roof is crucial. Make sure all the seals around the various openings in your roof are also cleaned up and refreshed.

How Do You Prepare an RV Rubber Roof for Coating?

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