Buyer Beware: We Would Never Buy RV Parts From This Store

Tracking down that exact RV part you need to get your rig back in action can be difficult and frustrating.

That’s why so many RVers are thrilled when they find an online store that has everything they need.

But when it comes to the site RV Parts Country, things aren’t as wonderful as they may appear.

An online wholesaler of RV-related products. Brian and Neal Deaton own it and have been operating it since 2008.

What Is RV Parts Country?

RV Parts Country promises to “[make] the great outdoors even greater” by providing “the big brands at the lowest prices.”

Any company can make big promises about their extensive product selection and great prices.

Why We Think You Should Avoid RV Parts Country?

However, the real test is ensuring customers get what they ordered in a timely fashion, and that’s where RV Parts Country appears to fall short.

In the last three years alone, the company has faced nearly 300 complaints from consumers who’ve contacted the Better Business Bureau.

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