How Often Should You Change the Oil in an RV?

Just like you regularly change the oil in your vehicle, you must change the oil in your RV. Basic maintenance can go a long way in preventing disasters and expensive repairs.

Don’t try to save money by cutting corners on maintenance tasks. Do your diligence to properly care for the engine, like getting regular RV oil changes.

Because of the high heat of the engine, the oil gets dirty over time. 

What Causes Engine Oil To Get Dirty?

An RV oil change should happen about as often as a standard car oil change. Usually, this is every 4,000 to 6,000 miles or so.

When Do I Need an RV Oil Change?

You can complete an RV oil change yourself. If you’re in a campground, though, ask if the campground allows this.

Can I Complete an RV Oil Change Myself?

This will vary from RV owner to RV owner. Some shops can change the oil in a gas rig but not a diesel pusher. You’ll need to call around. 

Where Can I Take My RV for an Oil Change?

In general, an oil change will cost anywhere between $80 to $150.

How Much Does an RV Oil Change Cost?

Because engines are more complex today than engines of the past, many manufacturers recommend synthetic oil.

Should I Use Synthetic Oil in My RV?

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