How to Read RV Model Numbers

The RV industry has lots of acronyms, letters, and numbers in the RV industry that make it seem like dealers and manufacturers speak in code to one another.

You have GVWR, CCC, UVW, and other shorthand examples referencing weight and capacities. And, if shopping for an RV for the first time, the model numbers may feel confusing.

An RV model number is an identification code established by the manufacturer. It’s usually a series of letters and numbers that give information about the length or square footage of the RV and the floorplan.

You can find your RV model number a few ways. On your RV, one of the easiest ways is to look on the outside next to the entry door.

Where Can You Find Your RV Model Number?

It usually represent the interior length or square footage. For example, “375RL” typically means the interior length from front to back measures 37.5 feet. 

What Does Your RV Model Number Tell You?

The letters in the RV model number tell you details about the floor plan. For example, “375RL” means the RV has a “rear living” floorplan.

Common codes like “RL” are used across the board from brand to brand. This helps potential buyers quickly know the layout before walking into an RV.

Some of the most common include FE and FL, which mean “front entertainment” and “front living”. These are common codes for fifth wheels.

What Are Common Codes Used in RV Model Numbers?

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