How to Replace or Upgrade Your Cut Corner RV Mattress

It only takes one night of restless sleep due to an uncomfortable mattress before you’ll want to replace it. Unfortunately, no matter how much you spend on your rig, the mattress that comes with it will likely be terrible.

To make matters worse, some manufacturers use  cut-corner RV mattresses, which can be difficult to upgrade or replace.

We’ll help you to find a way to replace or upgrade an uncomfortable cut-corner RV mattress. You’ll be sleeping like a baby before you know it!

A type of mattress with one or more corners cut off at an angle. Its unique shape maximizes the available sleeping space in an RV.

What Is a Cut Corner RV Mattress?

You need an electric foam cutter. These tools aren’t expensive and can cut through foam like butter. The final results are a smooth and clean cut without jagged edges. 

How Can You Cut Through Foam Mattresses Easily?

Foam Topper Sometimes you don’t need to replace your mattress, but give it some help. A foam topper is a great way to accomplish this.

Ways to Replace or Upgrade Your Cut Corner RV Mattress

You can buy some from places like and make your own bed. Few people can say they built their own bed.

Create Your Own From Foam

If you don’t like the idea of making your own cut-corner RV mattress, some companies will do it for you. TOCHTA and Mattress Insider are two of the most popular choices for this.

Custom Cut Corner RV Mattress

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