Is Buying An RV Lot a Good Investment?

You’ll need someplace to park your RV, whether you’re using it or not.

Most people think their only options are their driveway or a local self-storage company with space for their RV. However, many overlook or don’t consider an RV lot.

There are many reasons to buy an RV lot, especially if you want to use your RV often. But is an RV lot a good investment? Let’s look and see!

Some RV parks will have a section of RV sites that they sell through private transactions. Whoever purchases that RV spot will become the legal owner of that piece of property.

What Is An RV Lot?

Buying a deeded RV lot can be similar to buying an ordinary one. If you buy a deeded RV lot, you’ll likely have to pay monthly or annual dues, taxes, and other fees.

What Is a Deeded RV Lot?

If you’re a full-time RVer, an RV lot can be your home base. You won’t have to worry about booking campgrounds or making reservations.

Pros Of Owning An RV Lot

Owning an RV lot means committing to returning to the same place. If you’re only spending a season there, it may get old after the first few years.

Cons Of Owning An RV Lot

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