How to Modernize Your Ugly RV Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are one area where RV manufacturers tend to skimp to save money and weight. They often use the cheapest fixtures that may not always do the job.

Luckily, you can easily update those ugly RV light fixtures to improve the look or maximize the lighting in your rig.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to consider when shopping for a new light and how you can quickly replace your RV light fixtures.

You want to consider how much light you’ll need and where to place the new fixture. Be mindful of slides in your RV and how opening and closing them will impact your new light fixture.

Pick Out New Light Fixtures

If the voltages aren’t compatible, you may direct power to the light socket, but you’ll be left in the dark, as it won’t illuminate the light bulb.

Make Sure Your New Bulbs Voltage Is the Same as the Old

This helps ensure there’s no power running to the light fixture you’ll be replacing.

Turn Off the Power in Your RV

You may be unable to use the existing holes. Like most cutting projects, starting small and working toward larger holes is better.

Drill Any Holes Necessary for the New Fixture

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