How Do You Attach a Bike Rack to an RV Ladder?

Bringing bikes along on your RVing adventures may sound like a great idea, but it’s not always easy.

In these situations, an RV ladder bike rack may be just what you need to take your bikes with you. Today, we’ll show you what it takes to attach a bike rack to your RV ladder.

An RV ladder bike rack attaches to a rung on an RV ladder; which rung you choose depends on the height. However, you want it to be easily accessible without hiding your license plate when you mount them.

Slide the bike rack onto the designated ladder rung and secure it.

Many bike racks come with velcro straps that allow you to quickly and easily secure the bike rack to the ladder. Do all you can to minimize bouncing or movement for your bikes.

After securing the bike rack, start mounting your bikes. The number of bicycles your mount can hold depends on which one you purchase. However, most ladder-mounted bike racks can only support two or three. 

Use velcro straps to hold the bikes tightly to the rack and each other. It’s also a good idea to use velcro to keep the tires in place to prevent them from spinning while you travel.

RV Ladder Bike Rack Buying Guide

– Determine How It Secures to the Ladder – Measure the Ladder and Back of Your RV – Consider the Weight of the Bike Rack

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