The Best RV Jack Pads For Your Camper

Have you ever seen a Facebook photo or Instagram reel of an RVer whose jacks were sunk into the ground? These unfortunate events happen more than you think.

One way to prevent this embarrassing and troubling situation is to use RV jack pads. Let’s look at the purpose, pros and cons, and best options for RV jack pads for your camper.

Help Stabilize Your RV RV jack pads help stabilize the RV. This isn’t just important when setting up to ensure the rig is level. It’s also important when moving about inside.

Pros of RV Jack Pads

Distributes RV Weight  Your jacks only cover a small amount of ground. When you add jack pads, you’re increasing the diameter and surface area.

Can Be Expensive This out-of-pocket expense can be burdensome for people with a tight budget, especially when they aren’t absolutely necessary.

Cons of RV Jack Pads

Have to Carry Them Around SnapPads stay on the jacks. You don’t have to remove and put them away when leaving a campsite.

Our Pick: RV SnapPads RV SnapPads are convenient because you don’t have to take them off or put them on each camping trip. Once they’re on, they stay on.

The Best RV Jack Pads 

Runner Up: Utility Blocks If you’d rather spend less, then these utility blocks are another great option. They’re rated 4.7/5 stars and made of high-density plastic for a sturdy block.

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