Is an RV GPS Worth It?

You may be gambling if you trust a standard GPS to navigate you to a campsite while RVing. Moving your rig to and from a campground takes a lot more than driving a passenger vehicle.

You can find yourself in quite the pickle if you use just any ordinary GPS unit. If you plan to travel in unfamiliar areas, having an RV GPS is an essential purchase.

Today, we’ll look at the importance of having and using an RV GPS. We’ll also share a few of the best units worth considering. Let’s get started.

An RV GPS is similar to a standard unit, just for an RV. They factor in the much larger dimensions and weight of your RV when calculating a route.

What Is an RV GPS?

Google Maps doesn’t have an RV filter that you can use to factor in the dimensions or weight of your RV.

Is There an RV Setting for Google Maps?

Custom Routing Options RV GPS is for the custom routing options. These units can help you avoid sketchy roads, propane restrictions, and low clearances.

Pros of an RV GPS

Cost Top-of-the-line models may do a great job and have many fancy features, but they can cost upward of $700.

Cons of an RV GPS

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