How to Repair Your Foggy RV Window

Although RV foggy windows aren’t dangerous like water damage or faulty electrical wiring, they’re still something you want to take care of to give yourself the clear view you want.

If you park in a dispersed campsite overlooking a canyon in Utah, what good is it if you can’t see it through your windows? Today we’re going to dive into a DIY project for an RV foggy window repair.

First, remove any curtains or valances from around the window. Unscrew the window trim. Then grab a ladder and putty knife. Go outside, cut away the window caulking, and remove the window from the side of the RV.

Remove and Clean the Window

Next, you must remove the two panes from the frame and separate the glass pieces. Use a razor or box cutter to scrape any residue left between the window panes.

Now it’s time to reassemble your RV window. Make sure your panes are dry before putting them back together. And then reassemble the window.

Reassemble and Reseal

Use butyl tape if necessary to keep the window spacers in place. Make sure the window is completely sealed and dried before moving on.

It will be helpful to have another set of hands for the reinstallation. Have another person stand on the ladder outside the RV and hold the window in place while you go inside and screw the window trim back in.

Reinstall and Reseal

Then return to the outside and caulk around the exterior of the window. Stand back and admire your work!

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