Stay Safe With the Best RV Fire Extinguishers

Safety is always the first priority when traveling with your friends or family in your RV. As a matter of fact, there are many opportunities for fires to start when you’re living out of your RV. 

Having a quick and easy way to control fire will give you the upper hand in keeping yourself and your travel party safe.

Take a few moments now to learn a little more about finding the best fire extinguisher for your RV, and look forward to safer days ahead.

This is your typical fire extinguisher with clear instructions, sturdy levers made from steel, and a built-in wall bracket for proper storage.

Amerex B417T RV Fire Extinguisher


Simply put, it’s a spray can with a fire suppressant inside; but that’s what makes it great. It’s extremely portable and easy to store anywhere in your RV.

Fire Suppressant Canisters 


This fire extinguisher uses a dry chemical agent called mono-ammonium-phosphate and ranges from nine to fifteen feet.

H3R Performance RV Fire Extinguisher


The Shield Protect Extinguisher uses a dry chemical agent to extinguish fires. It’s useful for putting out fires fueled by paper, wood, gas, or petroleum.

Shield Protect 13415D RV Fire Extinguisher


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