Where to Find a Reliable RV Driver

The anxiety that some owners experience causes some to miss out on RVing adventures and memories. However, hiring an RV driver can solve many of these problems.

If you dread hitching up or getting behind the wheel, this could be an answer to your prayers. Leave the stress of driving to a professional and start looking forward to your adventures.

An RV driver is an experienced operator who hauls recreational vehicles for a living. These experts regularly move campers from manufacturers to dealerships across the country.

What Is an RV Driver?

The cost of hiring an RV driver will vary considerably. It largely depends on the type of RV, the driver’s experience, and how far they must move the rig.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an RV Driver?

Uship Uship is a service that connects shippers with carriers. They make it easy to ship things of all sizes, including RVs.

Where to Find a Reliable RV Driver

They offer various services based on the size and type of camper. A transporter can haul multiple rigs on a flatbed trailer for smaller campers.

Horizon Transport

Its owner-operators have experience with all sorts of RVs, including fifth wheels, travel trailers, and more. They’ll ensure your precious camper arrives as quickly and safely as possible.


It’s not uncommon for new owners to use these services. As a result, many dealerships have close relationships with local transporters and companies.

Inquire with a Local Dealer

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