How to Update Your Old RV Dinette Cushion Covers

Whether your RV is brand new or a couple of decades old, your RV dinette cushion covers may need an update.

Many RV manufacturers install dinettes in the dining areas of their RVs. The seating areas typically utilize a set of cushions to provide a bit of comfort on the benches, typically made from wood.

Some of these dinettes use the dinette cushions to transform into additional sleeping space. As these cushions age, the fabrics can dull, padding can break down, and they fail to get the job done.

Using a sewing machine, you can create cushion covers yourself. This gives you the ability to make sure your cushions fit the exact dimensions of your cushions.

Sew Your Own RV Dinette Cushion Covers

You may not be able to install a zipper using fabric glue, but you can close the seams with fabric glue or install velcro strips to hold the fabric in place.

Use Fabric Glue

They can do a great job holding things in place, including fabric. You can pull the fabric and keep it tight by pinning it with them.

Safety Pins to the Rescue

This is a great option as it keeps the fabric tight and is relatively easy to remove if you decide you don’t like the way it looks.

Staple Fabric to Plywood

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