7 Ways to Update Your RV Countertops

Countertops are one of the defining features of your kitchen. But if yours are a little worn out or dinged up, or you’re just tired of their look, they’re also one of the easiest to update!

Whether you’re looking for a wholesale replacement or a light refresh, we’ve got seven ways to update your RV countertops.

Some RV countertops don’t need a complete replacement. Instead, a light refresh can make your countertops look new without the extra cost or hassle. Try these methods for the best results.

The process is relatively simple — sand down the current countertops, prime them, apply paint, and seal them. 

Paint Your RV Countertops 

Epoxy countertop makeovers can offer one-of-a-kind looks and don’t require removing your current countertops.

Use Epoxy Over Existing Countertops

Just clean the existing countertop surface and then apply the paper, taking care to avoid any bubbles or creases. 

Use Peel and Stick Contact Paper 

The process essentially comes down to adding a thin layer of concrete on top of your current countertop’s frame.

Try DIY Faux Concrete 

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