How to Update Old RV Ceiling Panels

You may not notice them often, but your RV ceiling panels can play a significant role in the look of your rig.

Whether they’re damaged or just in need of a refresh, updating them can also be simple, affordable, and quick.

Read on to learn more about our best choices and techniques!

Luan Board 

You can find it at many home improvement stores and lumber suppliers. At just under $21 for a 4-foot by 8-foot sheet, it’s a budget-friendly source of material for panel replacement.

Shiplap Board 

This material can be cut into strips and painted, creating a DIY version of this distinctive technique.

PVC Panels 

Another common material for those who want to avoid typical wood panels. These panels will typically cost more than wooden ones.

Faux Stamped Tin 

These faux stamped tin panels are undoubtedly the most expensive RV ceiling panel choice and the heaviest.

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