Dated to Dazzling: Our RV Bathroom Remodel

We confused many people when we sold our fifth wheel and purchased a used, old truck camper. However, we had big plans to take a dated truck camper and turn it into a dazzling home on wheels.

Our RV bathroom remodel was one of our first projects in our new-to-us rig. Unfortunately, we quickly realized it wouldn’t be nearly as cheap or easy as we had initially thought.

If you’re tired of having a cookie-cutter RV bathroom, giving it an update can give it some character. A fresh coat of paint or a layer of wallpaper can radically transform the space.

It will greatly depend on the complexity of your renovation. A typical RV bathroom renovation could cost anywhere from $75 to $250.

What Is a Realistic Budget for an RV Bathroom Remodel?

However, if you want to take your renovation to the next level and do a complete gutting, you could look at spending over $1,000.

Demolition Day Take your time and ensure you remove every screw that’s holding an item in place.

How We Remodeled Our RV Bathroom

We installed a foam board shower pan custom-made for our space. It's not the cheapest option but it was worth paying a few extra bucks to ensure we got the perfect fit.

Custom Shower and Waterproofing

Next, we installed GoBoards, which we purchased locally from Lowe’s. This helps waterproof the shower walls and avoid any potential damage down the road.

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