Tips for Replacing Your RV Bathroom Faucet

Upgrading your RV bathroom faucet can improve not only the aesthetics of your bathroom but also the functionality.

However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when replacing or upgrading your faucet.

We’ll share some tips for replacing your RV bathroom faucet and walk you through the process. Let’s get started!

Make Sure New Faucet Is Compatible

From the start, ensure your new faucet is compatible with your RV bathroom’s setup.

Switching from a two-handle faucet to a faucet with one handle means extra holes.

Gather Supplies

You can then begin gathering the necessary tools. This job should only require a handful of tools like an adjustable wrench, channel locks, and a headlamp.

Turn Off Water Pump and Release Pressure in Lines

If you’ve been using the city water connection, shut off the water spigot.

If you’re using the water pump, turn it off.

Loosen Water Lines and Gaskets

Have a towel and bucket handy when loosening the water lines and gaskets.

There’s a chance that some water will remain in the water lines.

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