What Is an RV Barndominium?

If you are a big fan of RVing, chances are you hate putting your rig in storage at the end of a camping season, as it signifies the closure of vacation time.

But the popularity of RV barndominiums makes it possible for you to park your RV almost in your living room. It reminds you to enjoy its freedoms more frequently.

This shelter does double duty, providing a stylish home while protecting your RV from the elements. It’s also saving you storage fees along the way.

As its name signifies, a barndominium is half barn, half condominium. It’s the name given to a structure built to house an RV while providing a living space inside.

What Is an RV Barndominium?


The term “barndominium” was coined in the 1980s by a Texas real estate agent, Karl Nilsen, who was planning an equestrian subdivision. 

What Is the History of the Barndominium? 


Construction costs for barndominiums are usually much less than they would be with the separate construction of a barn and a house.

What Are the Benefits of a Barndominium? 


Because most barndominiums consist of metal and steel, their lifespans are usually between 100 and 150 years if well maintained.

How Long Will a Barndominium Last?


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