Does the RV Airflow System Actually Work?

Tired of running your RV’s air conditioning unit 24/7 when your rig is hot inside?

There is a way to minimize the runtime of your A/C and still maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature by increasing your  RV airflow.

How? It’s the RV Airflow System. But does it work? That’s what we wanted to know, so we found out and are here to share the results.

A piece of equipment that installs into your RV’s air conditioning unit in the space between the unit and the cover plate.

What is the RV Airflow System?

The module installs into the plenum. It captures 100% of the discharged air and smoothly directs it into existing ductwork.

How Does the RV Airflow System Work? 

RV Airflow Systems says it works toward compatibility for all RVs on the market. That’s a tall order.

What Types of RVs is the RV Airflow System Compatible With?

Many folks have installed the system and provided feedback on their experiences. The responses are overwhelmingly positive.

What Are Customers Saying About the RV Airflow?

The RV Airflow System works. At least, it works for the intended application.

Does the System Actually Work?

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