Were Red-Haired Cannibalistic Giants Really Found in a Cave in Nevada?

These cannibals threatened the Paiute people and other Native American tribes until one day, they banded together to defeat their enemies at Lovelock Cave.

Believe it or not, there are reasons why this ancient story might have some truth to it. Let’s learn more about the discovery of these red-haired giants and the history of the land near Lovelock Cave, Nev.

Humboldt Sink, Lovelock Cave’s location, is a valley that was once completely under Lake Lahontan.

Where Is Lovelock Cave?

In 1886, the Paiutes told a local mining engineer about the cave and took him to the site to prove its existence.

How Was Lovelock Cave Discovered?

Mummified remains of a man who was over six feet tall were found in Lovelock Cave. Additionally, the researchers discovered a 15-inch sandal.

Were Red-Haired Cannibalistic Giants Really Found in a Cave in Nevada?

The Paiute people have a story passed down from generation to generation. The Si-Te-Cah or Sai’i is a legendary tribe of vicious, cannibalistic red-haired giants.

Where Did the Red-Haired Giants Legend Come From?

Excavators found woven basket fragments, stone smoke pipes, shells, an antique duck call, and more.

What Else Did They Find in Lovelock Cave?

Depending on your definition of giants, there may have been a tribe of giant cannibals roaming Lake Lahontan thousands of years ago.

Did Giants Really Exist?

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