How To Recertify Your RV Propane Tanks

You can use propane in an RV for cooking, heating, and keeping the refrigerator cool. However, you’ll eventually need to recertify your propane tanks, or you can’t refill them.

Propane is a hazardous gas, and it’s essential to ensure that you store it properly. You should never store propane in a tank that isn’t certified.

You want to stay on top of your propane tank’s certification to avoid getting into a pickle when you need to fill your tanks. Luckily, the process of recertifying propane tanks is relatively easy.

The most common way to recertify your RV Propane tanks. This test uses a water jacket hydrostatic test to pressurize the tank at twice the recommended service pressure.

Volumetric Expansion Method

If the technician uses the proof-pressure method to recertify your propane tank, it will be suitable for an additional seven years.

Proof-Pressure Method

This test is the least effective method, but many technicians know what to look for when visually inspecting RV propane tanks.

External Visual

Many of the local propane refill stations will not offer this service. You need to look for bulk distributors like Amerigas and other services companies.

Where Do You Get RV Propane Tanks Recertified?

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