5 Reasons Truckers Dislike RVers

Truckers and RVers share a common love for the open road, but their experiences differ considerably.

While both groups spend a significant amount of time traveling across the country, some may experience a little tension between the two groups.

Some truckers are very vocal about their disdain for RVers. However, it would be unfair to paint the entire industry of truck drivers with a broad brush.

Do Truckers Dislike All RVers?

Distracted Driving Truckers see these accidents happen or the aftermath and get frustrated when they see individuals driving distracted, especially when behind the wheel of an RV.

5 Reasons Truckers Dislike RVers

Far too many RVers purchase rigs without checking the compatibility with their tow vehicle. As a result, some drivers haul campers around when they shouldn’t. 

Exceeding Vehicle Towing Capabilities

Both groups of drivers frequently use these locations for refueling, using the restroom, and parking overnight. However, unlike RVers, truckers have fewer options.

Inconsiderate Parking

Most RVers are about enjoying the experience and taking their sweet time. However, for truckers, time is money, and the longer their trip takes, the longer it is until they can get home.

Truckers Are More Interested in the Destination

No matter how large your vehicle is, you should always use signals. Unfortunately, we’ve seen our fair share of RVers failing to use their indicators when changing lanes or making turns.

Not Using Signals

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