Is It Safe to Pump Gas While Your Car Is Running?

As a driver, you typically can’t go wrong by taking safety seriously, especially at fuel stations. When stopping to fuel up, most drivers immediately turn their car off.

Most people know that gasoline is a dangerous substance and deserves respect. An explosion can occur in the blink of an eye. Today, we are answering whether filling up a running car is good or bad.

In some places, doing so can also have legal consequences. Depending on the location, it may not be a slap on the wrist.

Is It Legal to Pump Gas While Your Car Is Running?

When you pump gas into a running car, the fuel will go into your tank like normal. However, as you likely know, gasoline is highly flammable.

What Happens If You Pump Gas While Your Car Is Running?

The flashpoint for gasoline sits between -40°F and -45°F, which means it can easily light in just about any temperature you experience.

Fire and Explosions

Dangers of Pumping Gas into a Running Vehicle

As you can imagine, even a small fire or explosion can cause severe injuries to you or anyone around the scene. Burns from these explosions can be painful and cause permanent scars.

Personal Injury

You also likely want to avoid another vehicle condition known as a vapor lock. This occurs when liquid fuel in the fuel system transforms into a vapor due to heat.

Vapor Lock

Pumping gas while your vehicle is running increases the chances of causing damage to the emissions control system on your car. While the chances may be low, they’re not zero.

Damage Emissions Control System

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