How To Keep Your RV Black Tank From Smelling

Despite what you might hear or see on social media, sometimes RVing stinks – literally. You may walk into your camper and discover it smelling like an outhouse. 

It can make it impossible to enjoy any adventure. So do you know how to keep an RV black tank from smelling? If not, this is for you!

If you leave your black tank valve open, the liquids will quickly drain from your tank.

Keep Black Tank Valve Closed

You need to use plenty of water any time you’re flushing. This helps ensure you have plenty of liquids to help force solids out when dumping your tanks.

Use Plenty of Water

A high-quality tank treatment like Happy Camper, Camco’s RV Toilet Treatment, or Walex Porta-Pak RV Holding Tank Treatment can reduce odors.

Get a High-Quality Tank Treatment

You don’t want waste to sit in your tank longer than necessary. This can cause odorous bacteria to grow and stink up your RV.

Dump Your Tanks Regularly

If there’s a clog or blockage in this vent, the smells will look for the next best place to escape the tank.

Check the Tank Vent

If you look at the base of a toilet bowl, you should find a rubber seal. This seal helps close off the toilet bowl from the drainage pipe that leads directly into the black tank.

Check the Toilet Bowl Seal

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