Pop-Up Camper Hacks You Have to Try

While big fifth wheels and travel trailers often steal the show, pop-up campers are still incredibly useful.

While they may not be ideal for camping in bear country, they can allow you to get out and make memories with your loved ones in some incredible locations.

However, if you want to make the most out of your time camping, you’ll want to take advantage of some pop-up camper hacks we’ve found.

This is a great spot to add storage racks for a generator or bicycle. Lippert’s Jack-It is an example of a carrying system that takes advantage of this space.

Add Storage to Your Pop-Up Camper Frame

This can allow you to extend the time you spend using your camper, especially in areas that aren’t near a dump station.

Attach a Gray Water Tank to the Pop-Up Camper’s Bumper

You can use a pop-up camper hack and  peel-and-stick adhesive hooks stuck to the ceiling to store items you might need quick access to but don’t want taking up counter space.

Add Hooks to the Ceiling for Vertical Space

You can find inexpensive plastic storage containers at retailers like Walmart or Target. Stack them on top of each other and secure them using velcro.

Create Stacking Drawers With Velcro

Using LEDs instead of a typical lightbulb can drastically reduce the power you use while lighting up inside your pop-up camper.

Change the Light Bulbs to Save Energy

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