How Many People Fall Off Cruise Ships?

Setting sail on the open seas on a cruise ship is a fantastic way to vacation. However, it can also be very dangerous if you’re not careful. It’s not uncommon to hear of passengers going overboard.

We want you and your loved ones to have a remarkable time no matter where you’re cruising. Luckily, we have some basic things you can do to reduce the chances of experiencing a tragic situation.

Passengers have some inherent risks when boarding a ship. In addition, most follow strict regulations that help minimize risks, but accidents can and do still occur.

Are Cruise Ships Dangerous?

According to Cruise Lines International Association, 212 “overboard incidents” occurred from 2009 to 2019. This is an average of 19 passengers per year accidentally or intentionally falling into the sea.

How Many People Fall off Cruise Ships?

These falls can be upwards of more than 100 feet into the water thousands of feet deep. Some compare the impact to that of hitting a wall of concrete.

Can You Survive If You Fall off a Cruise Ship?

Despite tall railings, most passengers fall off ships by accident. This is often due to slips or falls during reckless behavior.

How Do Most People Fall off Cruise Ships?

Pay Attention During Safety Drill A muster drill prepares passengers on how to act and where to go in case of an emergency.

Tips for Staying Safe on a Cruise Ship

Following health and safety guidelines is essential. Wash your hands regularly, use hand sanitizer, and avoid touching your face.

Follow Health and Safety Guidelines

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