Is Thousand Trails Peace River Campground Worth the Hype?

Florida has hundreds of campgrounds ranging from good to bad. So is Thousand Trails Peace River Campground worth the hype?

Peace River RV and Camping Resort is a popular Thousand Trails property in Wachula, Florida. It’s inland, about 70 miles southeast of Tampa. 

Like any campground, some people love it, and others don’t. Peace River Campground is no different. So let’s look at what people love about the campground.

You can go fishing and kayaking, but remember to watch out for the gators! The campground also has a walking or biking trail meandering through the wooded acres.

Trails, River, and Small Town Feel

The campground has outdoor recreation like pickleball, basketball, and a pool. In addition, food trucks regularly sit by the office area.

Activities and Food Truck

If you enter the lottery system, you may score a full hookup site the day after arrival, or you may not get one if the campground is full. 

Lottery System for Full Hookups

Peace River Campground has dirt roads, which can create dust. It frustrates those wanting to enjoy the outdoors or keep their RV windows open in the warm Florida breeze. 

Incredibly Dusty/Muddy

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