What Is the Significance  of the Parks Canada Red Chairs?

Have you ever stumbled across an incredible view and wanted to pull up a chair and sit for a while? If so, Parks Canada’s famous red chairs are waiting for you.

These chairs have been the site of countless picnic lunches and marriage proposals. But you might be wondering what the big deal is and why they exist.

The chairs use 100% recycled plastic rescued from landfills throughout Canada. This feeds into Parks Canada’s mission to care for the environment.

What Are the Parks Canada Red Chairs?

These plastic red chairs aim to invite guests to slow down, connect with nature, and enjoy the view.

What Is the Purpose of the Parks Canada Red Chairs?

The goal was for visitors to snap selfies and share them on social media. To ensure word got out, they awarded prizes to the first 18 guests who photographed all 18 sets of chairs in the park.

History of the Red Chairs in Canada Parks

Feel free to explore the park and search for them on your own.

Banff National Park (Alberta)

Don’t Miss These Parks Canada Red Chairs

Jasper National Park, has eight sets of these iconic chairs. You’ll find some epic views at Mt. Christie viewpoint, Pyramid Overlook Trail, and Wilcox Pass Trail.

Jasper National Park (Alberta)

Today, 16 sets hide throughout the park. Grab your bestie and see if you can locate all of them. However, you better lace up those hiking boots because more than half lie on hiking trails.

Gros Morne National Park (Newfoundland and Labrador)

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