7 Destinations That Will Be Overrun With Tourists in 2023

There will be several destinations across the world that will be overrun with tourists in 2023.

If you can choose a similar location, you’ll find yourself enjoying a vacation rather than fighting crowds and standing in long lines.

Hawaii is stunning, but some of its most breathtaking scenery is far from the tourist attractions and crowded destinations.


Vegas certainly has some amazing shows, and the natural landscape is something to behold. But you can find many other less-crowded places to enjoy similar fun and beauty.

Las Vegas

From the food to the taxi service to the hotel accommodations, you’ll pay an arm and a leg to visit Times Square, see a Broadway show, or climb to the top of the Empire State Building. 

New York City

The U.S. National Parks have seen a dramatic increase in visitors. This has created serious traffic jams, over-capacity parking lots, and irritated guests. 

U.S. National Parks

This hotspot is overrun with tourists so much that it’s impossible to experience authentic Mexican living.


A city of less than two million but sees about 32 million tourists a year, making it difficult to get around and enjoy its beauty.


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