RVers Share Non-Camping Items That Are Actually Perfect for Camping

When you buy your first RV, you probably hit up the camping aisle or shop the Amazon lists looking for the latest and greatest gadgets to make your camping experience perfect.

But of course, you’ll need essentials like a sewer hose, drinking hose, surge protector, and other items to get started. It’s fun and exciting when you’re just beginning this lifestyle.

Let’s look at other items to improve your camping trip.

It’s hard to keep the interior of an RV tidy when people constantly walk in and out, usually on gravel, grass, or dirt campsites. Whether you have hard floors or carpet, the Roomba can help keep the interior clean.


The air fryer can produce savory meals and side dishes, whether it’s pizza, wings, or fries. Plus, its small size won’t take up too much counter space.

Ninja Air Fryer

Like the air fryer, an electric skillet is a great camping item to help prepare meals. Use it inside or outside to cook up your breakfast of eggs and bacon.

Electric Skillet

RVers with pets may love an air purifier. If you have one in your house, why not have one in your RV? It can especially help if you have allergies or other sensitivities.

Dyson Fan and Air Purifier

This mini waffle maker comes in 12 colors and only measures 4 inches in diameter, making it easy to find a place to store it in your cabinets.

Mini Waffle Maker

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