10 Foods You Have to Eat When Visiting New Mexico

For many travelers, part of the enjoyment of visiting new places is trying the local cuisine. In the Southwest, travelers enter a world unlike any other in the United States.

The local food scene in New Mexico is second to none. New Mexican foods have their roots in Native American, Spanish, and Mexican traditions, and some dishes capture the essence of them all.

Certain New Mexican foods originated in New Mexico like Native American frybread-style sopapillas, breakfast burritos, enchilada montadas (stacked enchiladas), green chile burgers, and carne adovada (pork marinated in red chile).

What Kind of Food Is New Mexico Known for?

Breakfast Burritos Breakfast burritos are white-flour tortillas filled with meat, refried pinto beans, or a combination of both.

New Mexican Foods You Need to Try 

Similar to caldillo, a red or green chile stew, this green chile stew includes coarsely-chopped green chile, ground or cubed beef or pork, potato, diced tomato, onion, garlic, and chicken or beef stock.

Green Chile Stew

Another dish you serve with green chiles. In this New Mexican entrée, you stuff whole green chiles with cheese, dip them in egg batter, and fry them.

Chile Rellenos

Although it originated in Texas, many serve Frito pie in New Mexico with New Mexican red chiles. The casserole has a red chile sauce, sometimes with meat, pinto beans, or a combination of both.

Frito Pie

Although there are many variations of Mexican enchiladas, this dish usually comes with corn tortillas with chicken or other meat and cheese, and most cover it with chile sauce.


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