Hidden Gems to Visit in These 5 New Jersey State Parks

Visiting state parks is an excellent way to get to know a new state or rediscover a familiar one. New Jersey is certainly not lacking in unique recreation areas.

Whether you prefer more urban state parks with stunning views or sprawling nature areas, New Jersey has it. We’ve found five hidden gems you need to visit in New Jersey state parks. Let’s get started!

There are 49 state parks in New Jersey. If you want to visit them all, you could see one per week, and it would almost take you a year to visit them all.

How Many State Parks Are There in New Jersey? 

Guests of all ages can participate in an hour and 15-minute tour and look at what life would have been like during the mid-1800s and turn of the 20th century.

Historic Manors in Ringwood State Park

The Pine Creek Railroad allows guests to see and experience the steam era in the railroad industry.

Pine Creek Railroad in Allaire State Park

Wharton State Forest is the largest single tract of land the New Jersey State Park System manages. It offers various opportunities for outdoor recreation activities.

Historic Villages in Wharton State Forest

There are 13 miles of trails for hiking and jogging. In addition, there are options for horseback riding, mountain biking, and snowshoeing.

Trails Along the Water in Washington Crossing State Park

Visiting this park is an excellent opportunity to experience the natural beauty of New Jersey. Whether you want to hike, camp, swim, picnic, snowshoe, or ski, High Point State Park is a must-visit.

High Point Monument at High Point State Park

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